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Alissa and Josiah: Gender Reveal

I know Tuesdays are supposed to be Travel Tuesday days, but today I wanted to share something different instead. My best friend is pregnant with her seventh baby, and because they know it will be their last, Alissa and Josiah decided to find out the sex of the baby (something they’ve never done before) and celebrate it with a gender reveal shoot! Alissa’s daughter Emily was the only one who knew the sex, which made getting the balloons an interesting story, but it all worked out and we had so much fun fitting this Gender Reveal Session into Silas’s First Birthday Session a few weeks ago.

Probably my favorite thing about Gender Reveal Sessions – besides finding out the sex of course – is the reactions. If you know Alissa, you know her face is an absolute window to what she is thinking and feeling, and her face did not disappoint with this session! It was such a joy watching her and Josiah discover that their seventh and final baby will be a boy 🙂

Alissa and Josiah, as always, thank you so much for trusting me with all your big family moments, and for loving me as one of the family! You guys are such wonderful parents, friends, and so much more! I love you and I can’t wait to meet Sweet Baby Coburn #7 in November!!


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