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Anna: Headshots

It’s been about a year since Anna and I met at Fort Monroe for her updated headshots. And I have to tell you, I think I love these photos even more now than I did back then!! Anna, you are such a hottie!! I know you’ve changed your hair since then, but I still love the blue and purple 🙂

Anna and I went to CNU together, and because she was a singer and I was a band geek, we ran in a lot of the same circles during our time at school. Fast forward a few years, Anna is singing in a variety of places and needed new headshots! So we met on a particularly hot day toward the end of last summer at Fort Monroe, walked around, took some amazing pictures, and caught up on the past few years of life.

Anna, I’m sorry it took so long to get these blogged! But here’s to reliving your awesome session 🙂 Next time you need new headshots (or you get another fabulous haircut you need photographed 😉 ) let me know!


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