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Aubree Nicole Rose: Nine Months

One of my favorite things about being so welcomed into David’s huge family is that now I have so many brothers and sisters, and the bond between brothers and sisters is something – that as an only child –  I’ve never really experienced before (minus my amazing God-sister Emily). One afternoon while we were in Ohio last month, we were all hanging out at David’s parents’ house and it was just the perfect opportunity for a family session and to celebrate Aubree’s nine months!! I love that with siblings things are always so fun and so easy. It was perfect to break away from the crowd and have a mini session right in the front yard! And! Probably my favorite thing about having siblings is that it means Saithe gets cousins!! And I love that Saithe and Aubree are only 7 months apart! But, we’re not talking about Saithe, this post is about sweet Aubree Nicole Rose!!

One of my favorite things about baby sessions, especially as babies get older, is how much involvement the family has! I love including parents and seeing that special bond between parents and their babies. Aubree is such a little firecracker, and it is SO much fun watching Brandon and Kearstin interact with her! Nine months is such a fun age, she’s still in that “baby phase” but you can definitely tell what she wants and doesn’t! Aubs has the most expressive face, even without her squeals and squeaks, you can definitely tell what she’s thinking.

Brandon and Kearstin, I love you guys so much! Thank you for jumping in front of my camera and letting me document your beautiful little family! You guys are amazing parents, I can’t wait to watch Aubree grow up!


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