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Baby Burley Number 2

It’s been quite a while since I’ve shared pretty much anything on social media, let alone the blog!! Partly that was due to an OVER packed schedule, and partly it was due to some personal things that were being worked through. But finally things are on the up-and-up, and I actually have TIME to sit down a blog again!! It’s amazing how something that was once such a huge part of your life can get pushed so far down, but I’m working on bringing it back up the priority ladder and sharing more about my life and my adventures again!! You can bet there will be a ton of catching-up posts to come, but I just couldn’t wait to share this little (HUGE) piece of news!!

Most people might not know, because we never did a formal announcement online, but David and I are expecting our second baby!! YAY! Baby Burley number 2 is due Christmas Day, and we could not be more excited to give Saithe the biggest Christmas gift of her little life!! (Hopefully she’ll enjoy no longer being an only child!) If we see you regularly or you are close family/friends and we neglected to tell you personally, I REALLY do apologize!! This year has been an absolute whirlwind, and not always in the best ways. We definitely did not mean to forget to tell you!!

For most people, making the pregnancy announcement would be enough, but we like to do it up big around here 🙂 Last week we found out that our sweet Christmas Baby will be a BOY!! Cue all the blue heart emojis 🙂 To be honest, David and I knew it was a boy from the start. This pregnancy has been completely different from Saithe’s and we both just had a feeling. It’s SO nice to actually know that our sweet baby is a boy, and refer to him by name now, though!!


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