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Cake Smash

Cake Smash. It’s something that’s blown up in the last few years. But what is it really? Why do we do them? And what is the benefit of getting photos taken of this seemingly arbitrary, messy event?

A Cake Smash has become almost a right of passage for babies now, as a way to celebrate their first birthday and give them a taste of something that will mean “birthday” for the rest of their lives (unless they’re like David and don’t like cake, haha!) Theoretically, babies don’t have a lot of cake – if any!! – during their first year, because they are too busy being fed healthy stuff to help them develop and grow as much as possible, so having cake on their first birthday is a pretty significant event in the line of Firsts that are bound to happen between the Baby and Toddler phases.

Personally, I love doing cake smashes! I love seeing Baby’s first reaction to this new and strange food, seeing if they will dive right in like it’s the best thing ever or poke at this new, foreign thing. It’s a fun memory for Mom and Dad, and getting it documented means they can share that memory with Baby for years to come – maybe even with their Baby’s Baby!

So, how does one go about setting up a Cake Smash session? And what are the important things to know before getting yourself into this?

  • The photo session itself doesn’t have to happen on Baby’s actual birthday, but it’s best that it be the first time Baby is exposed to cake, so that s/he doesn’t know what to expect at all.
  • Cake Smash sessions can be done anywhere you want – in a studio if your photographer has a studio space, at your home, in the backyard, or even at a park! The good thing about them is that Baby is so involved in the cake, the whole session is pretty stationary.
  • Embrace the mess. Because it WILL get messy.
  • It’s best to have Baby either in nothing but a diaper, or in something that you REALLY don’t mind if it gets dirty.
  • On that note, you’ll definitely want to have some wet wipes on hand…..and an extra change of clothes.
    • I should mention here, something that I’ve seen recently is the Post-Cake Smash Bathtime shoot! If you’ve got a cute baby tub and some fun bath toys, you could absolutely turn clean up time into more sweet memories!!
  • The cake is really up to your preference, I’ve seen people get custom cakes made (just tell the bakery you want a Smash Cake and they should know exactly what you mean), I’ve seen people make their own Smash Cakes, and I’ve also seen people get giant cupcakes from the grocery store! Either way works, it’s whatever you want photos of!
    Most importantly, have fun! This is a big milestone for your Baby! Once the session has started, let me do my thing and you just relax and enjoy the funny faces! 🙂

If your baby is getting close to his or her first birthday, let’s definitely chat about doing a Cake Smash session!


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