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It’s such a wonderful thing when friends become clients. I’ve been photographing this sweet family since before Miss Morgan was born, and I have loved watching them grow and getting to document their big milestones! It’s a bit sweeter than that, because Alan and David work together pretty often, so our families have gotten closer […]

One of my favorite things about being so welcomed into David’s huge family is that now I have so many brothers and sisters, and the bond between brothers and sisters is something – that as an only child –  I’ve never really experienced before (minus my amazing God-sister Emily). One afternoon while we were in […]

Oh sweet Silas! I don’t even know what to say about this little boy, words just don’t seem like enough. When your best friend has a baby, it’s extraordinarily special. When your best friend has her third baby in five years (making six total, with one more coming in November), first of all it means […]

I have a feeling I’m going to say this every month, but how on Earth are we already to TWO MONTHS?! Be still my heart, my baby is already growing up too fast! But, at the same time, I must admit how fun it is to watch her grow and discover things! As much as […]

How has it already been a month?! One month ago today, at 6:31pm, an 8lb 4oz beautiful little angel entered the world. Someday I will blog about her birth story, but for now we’re focusing on her one month birthday and all that has happened in the last month! I’ll be honest, I’m super excited […]