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I really can’t believe it’s 2018. TWENTY EIGHTEEN. Phew. The start of a new year always seems to bring a lot of reflection, plans, and dreams. 2017 was a giant year for me. David and I welcomed our beautiful Baby Saithe into the world, I celebrated one year at BB&T (while on maternity leave), David […]

Y’all. Let’s be honest for a minute. It’s not often I say “y’all” quite as forcefully as I just did in my head. But this blog post just called for it, so I’ll say it again. Y’all. Being a working, breastfeeding, pumping, business-owning wife and momma is HARD. It’s HARD to get up everyday between […]

Cake Smash. It’s something that’s blown up in the last few years. But what is it really? Why do we do them? And what is the benefit of getting photos taken of this seemingly arbitrary, messy event? A Cake Smash has become almost a right of passage for babies now, as a way to celebrate […]

Today is my first day back at work from Maternity Leave. Since I’m actually writing this Sunday night, instead of Monday morning, I’m not entirely positive how the day will go, but I’m hoping for the best, least stressful day possible! My mom is in town to help us out this week so I can […]

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you hear, watch, or learn something, but it’s not until later – maybe even years later – after you encounter it again that it really sinks in and rocks your world? I had one of those experiences yesterday. Fall of 2015, I watched a Katelyn James […]