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How has it already been a month?! One month ago today, at 6:31pm, an 8lb 4oz beautiful little angel entered the world. Someday I will blog about her birth story, but for now we’re focusing on her one month birthday and all that has happened in the last month! I’ll be honest, I’m super excited […]

It’s been a crazy amount of time since I blogged regularly. If I’m really being honest, I haven’t blogged consistently since 2014. It’s hard to get back into a routine you’ve been away from, even a routine that you love. And the truth is, I miss it. I miss having an outlet, my own little […]

It’s been an insane amount of time since I blogged anything – probably since before David and I got married if I’m remembering correctly. But something about this occasion drew me back to my little forgotten corner of the world where I once shared so much about my life. It drew me back, and called […]

The other day, I was looking for a notebook to start a running To Do list in, and I realized something that I’m hoping is not true only for me. In the process, I found not one, but FIVE blank notebooks (and several more semi-blank) in a box. Notebooks that I’ve had for YEARS, complete […]

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but it’s kind of been a ton of fun to say that recently. 🙂 DISCLAIMER: My ring is not actually GONE. We know exactly where it is, but I won’t get it back for a couple months.  We went into Kay a couple weeks ago because David needed a watch […]