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It’s incredible to me that it’s been a year already since David and I got married, but at the same time, it feels like it’s been so many years that I find myself wondering ONLY a year??  Last fall, the sun rose early on a beautifully warm fall day, and we were hustling and bustling […]

In truth, this is a post that has been sitting in my Drafts folder for over a YEAR. But once I reread the story, (and in light of our ANNIVERSARY YESTERDAY!!) I knew I needed to share again, because it is as true now as it was then.  “You wash, I’ll dry.” four simple words (courtesy […]

Over the weekend, my Aunt and Uncle flew in from Kansas to finally meet Saithe (and David! I still can’t believe they hadn’t met him yet!!). The only full day we would all be in DC together, we made the trip up to Annapolis, and spent the day on the water, eating seafood, and walking […]

Every time we go to Ohio to visit David’s family, there has to be at least one occasion where EVERYONE in the family gets together. I’ll admit, the first Christmas I went up, it was a little overwhelming! But now, I love it. I love getting to see everyone and hang out. Usually we don’t […]

I have a feeling I’m going to say this every month, but how on Earth are we already to TWO MONTHS?! Be still my heart, my baby is already growing up too fast! But, at the same time, I must admit how fun it is to watch her grow and discover things! As much as […]