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The other day, I was looking for a notebook to start a running To Do list in, and I realized something that I’m hoping is not true only for me. In the process, I found not one, but FIVE blank notebooks (and several more semi-blank) in a box. Notebooks that I’ve had for YEARS, complete […]

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but it’s kind of been a ton of fun to say that recently. 🙂 DISCLAIMER: My ring is not actually GONE. We know exactly where it is, but I won’t get it back for a couple months.  We went into Kay a couple weeks ago because David needed a watch […]

Technically, 100 days was last Thursday (coincidentally enough, on David’s birthday!) but I decided I wanted to start a Wedding Wednesday series leading up to the wedding! I haven’t shared a TON about the wedding yet, except for a few sneak peeks of crafts and things on Instagram, but I figured it was time for […]

The past few years, blogging has been HARD for me. I went through a period in my life where I feel like I had lost my voice. I felt like I had nothing to say, nothing interesting to share, and nothing helpful for people to read. Part of that was because I was going through […]