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One of the first things I heard when I started my photography business was that I should start a blog. They told me that blogging was a great way to connect with my audience, showcase my work on a consistent and easy-to-update basis, and it would keep me current in the ever-changing world of SEO […]

It’s officially 2016! Whew! 2015 was an amazing year, but, as is the case with most years, it was absolutely crazy and definitely flew by. It flew by so fast, in fact, that I didn’t even have time to do any wrap up posts (aside from this short one) because I was too busy running […]

I was chatting with another photographer friend of mine just before Thanksgiving, and we were talking about what to do with your photos, and I said something that I realized has been hiding in my subconscious for a VERY long time! Without really thinking about it, I blurted out that I believe you don’t take […]

I realized that the blog has been very business centered lately, and while that’s awesome because it means I’ve had gorgeous clients to show off, it also means that those of you who are new have no idea who I am!! We’ll start off pretty basic, so some of you may already know these things […]