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Finding My Editing Style

Have you ever had one of those experiences where you hear, watch, or learn something, but it’s not until later – maybe even years later – after you encounter it again that it really sinks in and rocks your world?

I had one of those experiences yesterday.

Fall of 2015, I watched a Katelyn James webinar about her editing style and how she gets those super bright images and makes sure all of her clients have natural skin tones. I watched it, bought her Consistency Course, even started watching the videos, and went on my way! I started doing some of the things she had mentioned, like playing with the Split Toning, but didn’t really change anything else about the way I edited my images, or the time I spent doing so.

Fast forward to yesterday. I’m not sure what, but something made me go through my old emails and I found the Consistency Course emails, hopped on over to Katelyn’s business Facebook page, and found a link to a new editing webinar video she had. So I watched the new webinar, and it was pretty similar to the one from 2015, I remembered a lot of the images and techniques she used. But this time, other things stood out to me, too. I paid more attention to her use of the Tonal Curve and the HSL Color sliders, and honestly it felt like a fire sparked inside me. A few days ago, I had edited an image from Joey and Jordan’s Sweetheart Session (more to come very soon!!) and I LOVED it. It was perfect. But I had NO idea how I did it!! With the tricks I learned from Katelyn’s webinar, I figured out not only how to duplicate what I did, but do it even better!!! After more than five years in business, I finally feel like I have stumbled onto MY style and I’m so excited to keep pushing forward with it and developing it even more!

That’s the neat thing about photography, I think. No matter how long you’ve been in business, how many clients you have, how many sessions you’ve shot, there’s always something more to learn! Even from something I thought I’d learned everything I could from two years ago! It still taught me something new, and that something new is redefining my style!

The image I loved but didn’t know how I got there….

With my new editing techniques…

Getting REALLY vulnerable here….a before and after! Straight out of camera to my new editing style. PHEW! I don’t know about you, but I think the After looks MUCH better! 

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