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I love experiencing new things. I was always afraid to try new things – what if I don’t like it, what if I’m not good at it, what if I feel/look silly – but then after David and I started dating, trying new things just became part of life! You’ve never seen this movie? Let’s […]

  • Sarah G - lightly fried is the only way I can do them. and SO happy for you and your new experiences! xoxoReplyCancel

  • Jeff Sale - Amanda, I’ve never heard of an oyster roast, but I’ve been to three oyster/beer fests before. If you’re trying it for the first time, definitely do oyster Rockefeller. With the name of oyster roast, I’m guessing they’re all gonna be cooked though, so you should be good. Oh and beer helps too ­čÖéReplyCancel

  • Ciera - First, make sure your oyster is shucked properly (ask David!) and put the shell to your lips like you’d be sipping from a bowl. Throw it back like a shot til the oyster is in your mouth and enjoy the taste before swallowing ­čÖé I recommend a little cocktail sauce and for sure a squirt of lemon! But I am not even sure if raw oysters will be a thing at an oyster roast – but they are delish no matter how you eat them!!ReplyCancel

  • A New Path – Part 1 » Amanda Blog - […] realize the most previous post was titled, “A New Adventure,”┬áhad a lot to do with me eating oysters, and had a title very similar to today’s […]ReplyCancel

I want to start off with the disclaimer that I’m ok. Yesterday┬ámorning was a particularly terrifying morning. Yesterday┬ámorning┬áI witnessed an accident. An accident that I was almost wrapped up in. It seemed to happen in slow motion and at warp speed at the same time; the swerving cars, screeching tires, and the sound – oh […]


It’s super hard to believe, but over the weekend I celebrated my four year anniversary with Amanda Truth Photography!! Four years!! Who even knows where years two and three went, I guess somehow I missed those anniversaries… oops!! It’s been a great four years, with as many moves, lots of bumps, lots of firsts, and […]

  • Emily - FOUR YEARS!! can’t believe time has flown by so fast! It’s been so incredible watching you and your business blossom and grow, from sessions in the backyard to full blown weddings! I’ve always been so impressed with the way you stepped into the unknown so confidently. Thank you for being an inspiration. <3 SissyReplyCancel

  • Alissa - How did I miss this post?! I was your first official wedding client, but you’ve become so much more than just my photographer; you’re one of my best friends! I love you, and I’ll chat over a chai latte with you anytime!ReplyCancel