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Saithe-Elizabeth Truth: Five Months

I really can’t believe how quickly time has been passing lately!! Seriously, how is Thanksgiving already OVER?! How is my baby already FIVE months old?? Anyway, time keeps marching on, and our sweet baby girl gets bigger by the day. I know I say it every month, but I love watching her grow and learn new things!!

We had a lot of firsts this month! Most of them good, but some of them not so good.

  • First day of daycare. AH!! I have a baby in daycare. I’ll be honest, it was rough at first. I was determined that every day that I got off early, or had off of work, Saithe would stay home with me, because (to be really, brutally honest) I was kind of protesting daycare. But we’re almost a month in, and she seems to really love it, and her daily reports show she’s learning SO MUCH STUFF!! You guys. My girl is in ART CLASS. That’s right. My five month old is in art class!!! I’m just wondering when they’ll send home her little masterpieces now 🙂 Now I’m happy she’s going, and I’m getting used to a few hours by myself when I get off work early and don’t go pick her up right away.
  • First cold. As well as daycare seems to be going, there is also a downside. Kids get sick. A lot. Poor baby Saithe brought home a stuffy nose, and that worked its way through our entire house, giving David a mild cold, me a 100.0 fever for a day, and then worked its way back to Saithe, who spent an entire weekend completely miserable and utterly confused at why she was so miserable. However, I did nothing but nurse her all weekend, and David and I both believe that was the secret weapon that made her better so quickly. The power of nursing, y’all!!
  • First food. Holy moly. I’ve got to post the videos on Instagram or something. Saithe’s first food was banana, and she could not get enough of it!! She would cry in between bites because we weren’t feeding her fast enough. It was pathetic and hilarious all at the same time. Oh, and the banana got EVERYWHERE. Yesterday in the spirit of Thanksgiving, we gave her carrots, and had the same thing happen. We are going to have an eater on our hands, and we are pretty stoked to try all the new foods with her!
  • First Thanksgiving. I am going to love going through the holiday season with a little one. David and I have already decided on some traditions we are going to start as a family, and I’m so excited. I’m so incredibly thankful for this beautiful little family God had blessed me with.

This month really has flown by. The days are much much shorter, and the weather has chilled. We’re feeling extra snuggly, and thanks to our girl’s sickness, she’s been more than happy to share in the snuggles. We can definitely tell already that she’s got the true “first born” personality and she will be super independent. She knows what she wants and she is not afraid to demand it. We have to watch out though, because she is starting to learn how to “work the system” as it may be. She has figured out if she cries, we will come pick her up. Yesterday, she was super tired and needed a nap, but every time we tried to lay her down she’d start crying. I would go and pick her up, and hold her on my hip while I was cooking. Eventually she got so tired it was all she could do just to cry. Thankfully we had to head out, and being in the car always knocks her out. She was asleep before we reached the end of the street. That’s when we knew she had been playing us. Face palm.

My favorite thing about this past month has been seeing her personality really come out. She’s so much more alert and interactive with her world. She’s ALWAYS watching to see what’s going on around her. We get the feeling that’s not going to go away, and she’s going to be super smart because of it (and we’re going to have to start watching what we’re saying around her!).

We’re heading to Cuba for a week this month coming up. I know it’s going to be SO hard to leave Saithe, but thankfully David’s parents are coming down and will stay with her while we’re gone. I’m definitely looking forward to the trip but even more than that I’m looking forward to being reunited with my baby. I’m also excited for Saithe’s first Christmas coming next month. David and I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas and watch Saithe discover all the decorations 🙂 For now, though, enjoy her five month pictures!!


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