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Saithe-Elizabeth Truth: One Month

How has it already been a month?! One month ago today, at 6:31pm, an 8lb 4oz beautiful little angel entered the world. Someday I will blog about her birth story, but for now we’re focusing on her one month birthday and all that has happened in the last month! I’ll be honest, I’m super excited about starting these monthly blogs documenting Baby Saithe’s growth! There are a few things I want to highlight each month, because I’m sure they will change and I want to remember them!

First up, the Firsts! This month obviously we had more Firsts than I really can remember, so we’ll just hit the highlights:

  • First Dinner Out. A lot of people think we’re crazy for this, but the day we came home from the hospital, we went out to dinner with David’s parents and my mom. We walked to Brown Chicken Brown Cow for dinner, and Baby Saithe slept through the entire thing! She was fabulous!
  • First Roadtrip!! My cousins Katie and Michael flew out to DC from Kansas, and made their way down to see us for the weekend before the Fourth of July. We had to take my mom back home to DC and Katie and Michael were flying out of DC, so we made a roadtrip weekend out of it, took the long way home up the Eastern Shore and spent a couple days in DC before heading back down to Hampton. Saithe LOVES being in the car, practically slept the entire time in the car! During this trip, Saithe met Aunt Katie, Uncle Michael, second cousin Carson, G’pa Mike, Great Uncle Ricky, and Aunt Alisa. Saithe went to her first Mexican restaurant and slept through the entire dinner. The next day, Saithe got to meet Aunty Beth and Aunt Susan. We’re pretty sure we have a traveling baby, cause she was so wonderful the whole trip!
  • First Holiday: We celebrated the Fourth of July this month, and did so at our sweet friends Chris and Grete’s house for their annual Fourth of July house party.
  • First Real Bath. Up until this point, we’ve been giving her sponge baths. Last week, we broke out the giant foam flower I got at my baby shower, and Saithe had her first real bath. She loved every second of it (except when the water was too hot before we got the perfect temperature) it put her in such a state of relaxation.
  • First Doctor visit (and second, third will be on Friday). By the time we went to her first doctor visit she was back up to her birth weight and had grown an inch! She hit all her developmental milestones the doctor wanted to see, but she did NOT enjoy the scale!
  • First Movie! Another one that people might think we are crazy for – we took our two-week-old to the theater to see Spiderman after it came out. She was an angel and slept through the entire thing! Only made a few little grunts toward the end.

Next up, I want to highlight Things we discovered about Baby Saithe this month:

  • Likes: being held, snuggled, cuddled
  • Dislikes: being too cold
  • Dislikes: having her arms penned in. She has to have her arms free all the time, she can’t stand when they are tied down
  • Her Baby Acne developed this month, and it seems to get stronger by the day. I know it bothers me more than her but it bothers me a lot!!
  • She does really well in loud environments, sometimes I even think she sleeps better in loud restaurants or during loud movies than when she’s at home in the quiet.
  • She fights sleep like it’s her job, but once she’s out, she’s a fabulous sleeper.
  • She sleeps with her arms up. No ifs, ands, or buts. I think that’s why she hates having her arms tied down. Funny enough, both David and I like to sleep with our arms over our heads, too.
  • She is the gassiest baby I have ever seen! And she has this funny little smile after she lets out a big one.
  • She makes the CRAZIEST faces I have ever seen. I love watching her wake up because she has the most faces then.
  • She also makes the funniest little noises. It seems like she’s always grunting, cooing, snorting, or making some other little noise.
  • She likes to clasp her hands together on her chest when she’s eating. It’s almost like she’s so excited to be eating she doesn’t know what to do!

And finally, some things I’m learning as a Mommy:

I LOVE being a Mommy. I love knowing that she’s ours and we get to keep her and watch her grow. I love when she falls asleep on my chest, holding on to my shirt. I love the way she grabs our fingers. I’m starting to learn her different cries and what they mean, but her Sleepy and Hold Me cries still sound remarkably similar. I’ve learned that it’s MUCH harder to get things done and stick to a schedule; my life now completely revolves around her needs. I’ve also learned I need to plan to leave the house about 30 minutes before I actually need to leave, because without fail, as soon as we’re ready to walk out the door, Little Girl will have a blowout or something will happen that will delay us. And that’s okay! I’m definitely learning to be more go-with-the-flow.

I know people say this all the time, but I really couldn’t have conceived how much I would love this tiny human.¬†Every day is definitely a new adventure, but it is the best adventure ever. David and I always say that we can’t believe it’s already been this much time, but also that it’s only been this much time, because we really can’t remember life before her.

Zorro stopped by for a peek at the action.

The many faces of Saithe-Elizabeth

Bella really likes to be involved.

So many thanks to my sweet sweet cousins Katie and Michael for this amazing blanket!! I love it!


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