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Saithe-Elizabeth Truth: Two Months

I have a feeling I’m going to say this every month, but how on Earth are we already to TWO MONTHS?! Be still my heart, my baby is already growing up too fast! But, at the same time, I must admit how fun it is to watch her grow and discover things! As much as I want to keep her tiny like this so I can carry her around with me all the time, I’m SO excited to watch her grow.

Just like last month, I wanted to start off with some firsts:

  • First out of state road trip. At the beginning of August we drove up to Ohio and spent a week visiting David’s family. It was an amazing trip and I’ll definitely be blogging more about it later.
  • First time meeting ALL of her Burley Aunts, Uncles, and (almost all) Burley cousins. Spending a lot of time with family meant lots of time for Saithe to meet everyone, and for them to get to know her and hang out with her.
  • First time out with mommy alone. Yup! We’ve been out a bunch with David, but Saithe and I went food shopping alone for the first time this month! It was way easier than I thought, but whoever designs the shopping carts really needs to reevaluate them! Once I put her carseat and diaper bag in there, there was barely enough room for the actual GROCERIES!! That might’ve kept my impulse buying in check though, so maybe it’s not all bad 🙂
  • First time sleeping through the night in her own crib. YUP!!! Praise the Lord!! She’s been sleeping mostly through the night (waking at 5am) for a few weeks now, but once we got back from our big road trip to Ohio and DC, we decided it was time to introduce her to the crib. All this week so far she’s slept in her own crib in her own room and she sleeps until at least 6:30 now! It’s amazing!!! And yes, I do leave the video monitor video on all night so whenever I wake up I can just look over and see her 🙂

Some new things about Baby Saithe this month:

  • Her baby acne is GONE, thank goodness!! She’s got that beautiful baby skin, although now it appears she’s plagued by dandruff and seriously dry skin. Lotion and baby oil don’t even seem to help, but the doctor told us this would happen and it would get better with time.
  • This month, her eye weeping got WAY worse, especially when we were gone. It was almost constant and would crust over really easily, especially when she’d sleep.  It’s pretty much stopped weeping and I even think the pink on her eyelid is getting lighter.
  • She’s getting better about having her arms penned down – I think because her arms flail wildly, especially when she sleeps and it wakes her up sometimes.
  • She has discovered her HANDS. Holy gracious! She wants desperately to suck on her thumb, but can’t figure out how to detach that from the rest of her fist, so she usually ends up sucking on her whole fist, her wrist, or the fat part of her thumb. Poor thing gets incredibly frustrated throughout this process haha. This also tends to wake her up when she’s sleeping.
  • She’s getting SO VOCAL!!! I just love hearing her little coos and noises, and she talks constantly! She’s also starting to understand conversational rhythm and will “talk back” to you if you’re right up close to her talking. It’s the cutest thing ever.
  • She’s awake so much more! All of these new developments are happening because she’s awake so much longer during the day! She still sleeps the majority of the time, but the times when she’s awake (and not screaming/fighting sleep) are so much fun. As David said this morning, she’s not just a little pooping blob anymore, haha!!
  • I might be biased, but I’m pretty sure she gets cuter and more beautiful by the day. She has this amazing gummy little smile, I swear it’s the cutest thing ever. Especially when she smiles back at you when you’re talking to her. Her little eyes squish closed and her nose crinkles up and her mouth opens so wide. I just love it.
  • She’s still got her little chin quiver. We still have no idea why she does it, but it makes us laugh.
  • Saithe HATES tummy time!! With a passion! Either she starts screaming immediately or she passes out within seconds. As I’m writing this, she’s passed out on her stomach next to me on the bed.
  • She still is a champion at fighting sleep. She will scream her head off while she’s fighting and nothing we can do makes her feel better until she finally decides to pass out on her own.
  • Saithe and Daddy have a new game – he will hold her up just enough so that her feet touch the ground (or bed, table, his legs, whatever) so it’s like she’s standing. She will kick the heck out of whatever she’s standing on and gets this look of pure joy and wonder. She loves kicking and feeling something at the full extension of her kick.
  • Her hair is thinner in the back than it was, but I think it’s starting to grow back in. She’s got just enough of a puff on top that I can put a bow in it, and the result is stupid cute.

Overall, I am LOVING getting to stay home with her every day. I love watching her eyes light up when she experiences something new, and getting to hear her little voice develop, and watch the sweet faces she makes.

Of course, just like last time, Dog was so curious about what was going on!This is one of my FAVES! Cue all the heart eyes!

Behind the scenes at its best….the three blankets I piled on the floor to make it soft enough for her, and Dog faithfully cleaning her feet, making sure she’s camera ready. 

One of the rare times she WASN’T screaming or sleeping during Tummy Time!

During one of Saithe’s nap breaks, Bella decided she needed to keep the set warm for her. 

The many faces of Saithe-Elizabeth! 


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