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Saithe’s First Snow Day

Well, it might not have been a white Christmas here in Hampton Roads, but a few days after New Year’s will do just fine! Saithe-Elizabeth experienced her first snow day, and it was a fantastic day! We spent most of the morning catching up on house chores (when did we get to be such adults?? Ugh!) But after lunch and a nap or two, we bundled ourselves up and went out to play in the snow and give Saithe her first snow experience!!

It was super cold, but we think she liked it! We got the tripod out for a full family photo, then I took some while David showed her the snow, then I handed off the camera so I could get a few shots in with my girl!! David is amazing behind the camera!! If I was still shooting weddings, I’d definitely force him to be my second shooter 🙂

After our outing, we came back inside to get warm, cuddle up on the couch and watch some Marvel movies 🙂 Overall, it was a pretty fabulous snow day!!

What did you do for your snow day? Did you venture out into the tundra or stay warm inside with some hot chocolate?


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