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It’s been a crazy amount of time since I blogged regularly. If I’m really being honest, I haven’t blogged consistently since 2014. It’s hard to get back into a routine you’ve been away from, even a routine that you love. And the truth is, I miss it. I miss having an outlet, my own little corner of the Internet to share my story. I wish I’d blogged more during my pregnancy. There are so many things I wish I had put down in black and white that I would have to look back on now. So I’m starting now. Starting to blog my life again, starting to blog old photography sessions, starting to blog craft projects I’ve been dying to start, just starting again. Right now.

It will be three weeks tomorrow that my life changed forever. That this beautiful little angel baby came into our lives and completely flipped them upside-down. So far, I love motherhood. I love watching Baby Saithe grow every day. I LOVE watching David with her. Most of all, I love my little family more than I can even say.

I’m excited, sweet friends. I’m excited about the things to come with Baby Saithe and watching her grow and develop. I’m excited to start blogging again and sharing my journey – as a mother, as a photographer, as a creative.


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