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The Perfect Notebook

The other day, I was looking for a notebook to start a running To Do list in, and I realized something that I’m hoping is not true only for me. In the process, I found not one, but FIVE blank notebooks (and several more semi-blank) in a box. Notebooks that I’ve had for YEARS, complete with beautiful cover designs and hundreds of ready-to-be-written-on pages, and the binding on most of them hadn’t even been cracked!!

I realized that with a lot of these beautiful notebooks, when I bought them I couldn’t wait to start writing in them. But once I got them home, I was too worried about messing them up, or writing the wrong thing on those beautiful pages. WHAT? The wrong thing?! Notebooks are meant to be written in! They are meant to be used, not shoved in a box with half a dozen other unused notebooks! So today, I’m encouraging you – go out and find those unused notebooks you’ve been keeping in a drawer somewhere. Give them a purpose, and then make them work for you! Get them messy, write down your thoughts, write a story, start a journal. Don’t be afraid to write the wrong thing in them, be more afraid of not using them.

Please, if you’ve had a similar experience, or were sitting behind your computer thinking, “Preach, girl!” leave me a comment so I know I’m not the only crazy person who hoards blank notebooks 🙂




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