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Tragedy and the Importance of Pictures

Over the weekend our family suffered a horrible tragedy. A precious life was taken much too soon, and now we’re all left in the wake of what happened, what’s next, and just trying to put the pieces back together. It absolutely kills David and I that we can’t be closer to family during this time, that we can’t be there physically with everyone; grieving, remembering, loving and comforting one another. But as we were talking yesterday, I realized there is something that we can contribute, even though we are 500 miles away…


Pictures conquer that great divide between distance and time. They allow us to share and relive moments, memories, and stories – whether they were from a few days ago or several decades ago. Now, more than ever, once again I am reminded of the value of photographs. Why I believe it is so important to capture genuine and authentic moments. Because when we look back after our loved ones are gone, we want to remember the real moments – the heartfelt love, raw emotion, and sincere conversations. Because at the end of the day, those things will matter so much more than the posed, fake smiles we flash at the camera for just long enough for the shutter to snap. At the end of the day, those are the things that our loved ones will remember us by, that will most accurately tell our story.

  • Brandy shank - My best friend and sister has lost her true love. I will forever be helping to pick up the pieces of her broken and shattered heart. I love you so much that it cannot be expressed through words alone. I am by your side always. Where you are, there I will be also. But we will never be there alone as the Lord is always with us.ReplyCancel

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