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Travel Tuesday: Annapolis

Over the weekend, my Aunt and Uncle flew in from Kansas to finally meet Saithe (and David! I still can’t believe they hadn’t met him yet!!). The only full day we would all be in DC together, we made the trip up to Annapolis, and spent the day on the water, eating seafood, and walking around enjoying the city.

My mom scheduled a boat ride for all of us – get this – on a boat called the Woodwind. That might sound familiar if you’ve ever seen the movie Wedding Crashers, because it’s the EXACT boat they use in the movie!! How COOL!!! Of course, now I have to watch the movie (again for the millionth time) just so we can say we were on that same boat! Anyway, we spent two hours out on the water exploring the Chesapeake Bay, watching the Regatta from afar, and my Uncle Roger even got to steer the boat and help raise one of the sails! When the boat ride concluded, we tried to have lunch at Pusser’s restaurant which was right next to the dock we sailed from, but the wait was over two and a half hours! So instead we walked a bit, and had lunch at a beautiful rooftop restaurant (which unfortunately I was too focused on lunch to take any pictures of) and then the girls went shopping, the guys went and had ice cream and sat by the water, and David and I wandered up the main street and took some photos before getting ice cream and sitting with the guys. The night finished with dinner with my other uncle and cousins at Hemingway’s and a view of the sunset over the Chesapeake Bay.

Even though this day trip was sandwiched inside a longer weekend trip, it still reminded me how much I love day trips! Getting to explore somewhere new, even for a day, is the coolest thing. We got to experience an entirely new place and still got to go home (to my mom’s) at night! Day trips definitely make for long days, especially with a baby now, but it is so worth it to get to explore and experience new things as a family! I love that we can take Saithe with us – and that she is such a great traveler!! She is so great at just going with the flow, even if it means taking a nap in the Ring Sling, and having lunch an hour or two later than she’s used to. She is so wonderful and hardly ever complains! 


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