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Travel Tuesday: Charles Mill Lake, Ohio

Every time we go to Ohio to visit David’s family, there has to be at least one occasion where EVERYONE in the family gets together. I’ll admit, the first Christmas I went up, it was a little overwhelming! But now, I love it. I love getting to see everyone and hang out. Usually we don’t go up in the summer, so family gatherings are centered around meals. But since we came up in the summer, we went to Charles Mill Lake and had a family picnic by the lake! Even though the day ended up being overcast and chilly, we had a blast. The guys had cornhole going, and there was always someone throwing bags around, there was fishing in the lake, the kids ran around, and the older guys had the grill going with brauts, dogs, and David even made bison burgers. Coming from a pretty small family (and even smaller immediate family), I love having all of these siblings, nieces, and nephews to come visit! And I love that we got to experience a new place in Ohio to hang out and spend time together! (Well, I did. Pretty sure they’ve all been there before 😉 )


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