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Our Wedding

It’s incredible to me that it’s been a year already since David and I got married, but at the same time, it feels like it’s been so many years that I find myself wondering ONLY a year?? 

Last fall, the sun rose early on a beautifully warm fall day, and we were hustling and bustling in the hotel room to get ready. We had decided that 9:10 am on 9/10/16 was the plan. It’s totally cheesy, but we loved it. Of course it made for a very early morning! So while I was getting pampered and photography ready in the hotel room, across the street and one block down, David was making sure the gazebo at Mill Point Park was perfect, that the chairs were delivered, decorations set out, even going so far as to move an access ramp out of the way of the stage so it wouldn’t be in the background of the photos!

We were supposed to meet on a bridge by the pool in the middle of Mill Point for our first look. I couldn’t tell you what time we were supposed to meet if my life depended on it. Partly because it’s been a year, but mostly because I was over a half hour late to that meeting. To this day, David likes to joke that I almost left him at the alter – even though I definitely didn’t almost leave him, and it was the first look not the alter! We were finishing up getting ready and taking tons of bridal portraits in the hotel when I heard David’s ringtone buzz on my phone. I went to check and saw the text Did you change your mind? and immediately started laughing…until I saw the time. I thought he was joking!! Nope, I was definitely WAY late to our first look.

Thankfully, everything after that went off quite smoothly. We still had plenty of time for pictures beforehand, the ceremony was a dream, and we had a fabulous Wedding Parade over to Conch and Bucket where a brunch reception was waiting for us. The Wedding Parade was probably my favorite part of the day. I just loved everyone walking over to the reception together! I even made fun streamers for people to hold. Conch and Bucket had a fabulous breakfast feast waiting for us, and our mini Jameson bottles and anchor shot glass favors were a hit. Glazed Donuts provided us with a fabulous donut cake that I STILL have dreams about.

The entire day was wonderful. I wish we could go back and relive it all the time, but since we haven’t quite figured out time travel yet, I’ll have to settle for reliving it through the amazing pictures Nicki took 🙂 All photo credit goes to Nicki Ahrens Photography


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