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Wedding Wednesday: My Ring is Gone

I don’t mean to be an alarmist, but it’s kind of been a ton of fun to say that recently. 🙂 DISCLAIMER: My ring is not actually GONE. We know exactly where it is, but I won’t get it back for a couple months. 

We went into Kay a couple weeks ago because David needed a watch band replaced, and while he was talking to the sales associate, of course I was looking at the wedding bands. Someone came over to assist me and we started talking about getting a custom band made. The way that my ring is shaped doesn’t leave a lot of room for standard wedding bands, and we had kind of always known a custom band would be in the works. Also I really wanted a band on both sides to keep with the symmetry of the ring, and most pre-made wedding bands that are two sided are fitted for solitaires and my ring would be too fat.

A half hour later we had designed a custom ring on the store’s iPad, learned a bit more about the jewelry making process, and were ready to check out. The girls at the store told us they had to take my ring to be able to custom fit the wedding bands, so it would have to be sent out for a while – a few months probably. They assured us everything would be back in time for the wedding, but probably not for long beforehand.

I really couldn’t be more excited to get them all back and see everything together, but I am definitely feeling the loss of my engagement ring! Has anyone else been without their engagement or wedding ring for a period of time? How did you feel about it? Leave me some comments and tell me that I’m not alone for feeling empty without it! macro-engagement-ring-photography-blue-green-diamond-1macro-engagement-ring-photography-blue-green-diamond-2macro-engagement-ring-photography-blue-green-diamond-3


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