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Working Mom Series: First Day of Daycare

Holy moly. I can’t even believe I’m typing these words, but today was Saithe-Elizabeth’s first day of daycare. How is my baby in daycare already?!

Honestly, I meant to write this post yesterday. I had the day off from work and I was going to get stuff done in the morning in preparation for today, and spend the afternoon getting caught up with photo stuff and writing this post. However, things got delayed, the girls decided to have a lunch date with Daddy, and I had to run to Babies R Us to pick up some last minute baby stuff (mainly size Medium flow bottle nipples, because she decided over the weekend the Slow flow were too slow). Long story short, things came up and snuggles with Saithe were more important than busting my butt to get a blog post done that I could just as easily do this afternoon 🙂

I wish I had some profound insight to share, tips to help Working Moms deal with sending their babies to daycare for the first time, anything, but to be honest I’m still figuring all that out myself. This morning was the first time that I kept the baby awake after her 6am feeding, and it was weird, I’m not sure she really understood what was happening. Normally when she’s done eating, I’ll bring her up to burp her, but she falls asleep on my shoulder, and then I’ll take great care not to wake her up again as I lay her back in the crib. This morning she still fell asleep on my shoulder, but instead I got up, walked back to our room, and laid her in the bed next to David. It was actually really lovely because we ended up getting a few minutes of family snuggles before I had to start getting ready for work. I got ready, David got the baby dressed and then got himself ready, we went downstairs and went through the checklist to make sure we had everything – surprise, surprise, I labeled everything EXCEPT the clothes we picked out for her to wear today!! Oops! So I did some last minute labeling while David made her bottles for the day, and we were all out the door by 7:45. It was intense, but driving away from the house, following David (with Baby in the truck) down the road leading out of our neighborhood, I had an intense feeling of pride and accomplishment. We’d done it. I wasn’t going to be late for work. And the only thing we truly forgot was to eat breakfast ourselves!

Of course, because I couldn’t be there for drop off, when David texted to say that she was there and all went well, I had a MILLION questions that I promptly fired back in a series of text messages that probably had him feeling like his phone was on the fritz. Being the first of the month, work was steady, so even though my mind never wandered too far from thoughts of Saithe and Daycare, I was pretty well distracted and kept myself busy. The issue came more when I got off work. Walking to my car, at first I had the feeling of joy – oh boy, I get to go home and see my baby! But then it soon dawned on me that I’d be coming home to an empty house – we decided we’d pick her up once David was done with his meetings for the day, which was still a few hours away! As I’m writing this, I’m still about an hour away from the time we said we’d pick her up, and it’s getting easier to cope with being alone in the house, but it’s DEFINITELY weird. I’m confident that the entire process will get easier as the days go by, but it’s safe to say our world has been flipped upside down once again.

I’m beyond anxious to go pick her up and see how her day was, but I’m also interested to get to sit down and actually talk to David – rather than rapid-fire texts at him – and see what his take on the day was as well.

I guess if I have any advice for moms getting ready for this stage of life, it would have to be the obvious – be prepared. Do as much as you can as early as you can. And as tempting as it may be to retreat into your shell, RELY on your husband. He’s going through this just as much as you are, and you guys are a team!! Use each other, lean on each other, and most importantly – talk through everything together. It was so easy for me to just pack the school bag and be done, but it wasn’t until last night when David asked me to walk him through what was in it that I realized I’d just done it on my own and hadn’t included him in it at all. Knowing my husband, he really didn’t care what her extra outfits were or which crib sheets I’d packed for the day, but I missed an opportunity to share the excitement of packing her school bag with him.

I’m off to see if I can convince David to pick up Baby Saithe a little early 🙂 What advice do you have for working mamas getting ready to send their babies off to daycare? Do you have a kid in daycare? What was your “first day” experience like? Leave me some comments and let me know I’m not totally crazy please 🙂 🙂 


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