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Working Mom Series: Sick Baby

It seems like lately all I’m really posting are Working Mom blogs, but to be honest, that’s kind of what’s taken over my life lately! I’ve got a few things in the works, family shoots and travels coming up, but for now the Working Mom stuff has dominated. And that’s ok!

To be completely honest, the last few days, even the last week really, the thing that’s dominated has been sickness. I suppose it comes hand-in-hand with having a kid in daycare, but sickness has been plaguing our household of late. We think it started with Saithe picking something up – she’s been snotty for about a week now – made it’s way through David and I – we spent an entire Sunday on the couch last weekend – came back and hit me hard – I had a 100.0 degree fever Tuesday night into Wednesday – and has spun back around and hit Saithe on Friday.

Friday morning I was getting ready for work and just had a feeling that we should take her temperature. Sure enough, she had a small fever. So David decided to try to bring her to work with him since he only had office work that day so she could have an easy day, but that soon turned into David spending the day on the couch with Saithe in his arms. A rocky Friday night into Saturday morning, again I had to get ready and go to work so David took the brunt of the baby-care and kept Saithe bundled and sleeping all morning. Sunday really was the worst of it. Saturday night into Sunday she woke up twice to feed (something she hasn’t really done since she was weeks old) and woke up at 6am screaming. Poor thing spent the entire day bouncing between nursing, sleeping, and waking up crying. Finally around dinner time, she started to seem like she was really feeling better, and we’re hoping that feeling lasts and we’re completely on the mend.

Having a sick kid really is the absolute worst. Especially when that sick kid is a baby, and this is her first sickness. She has absolutely no idea what’s going on or why she feels so awful, and she can’t communicate to you what’s wrong or where it hurts. So you’re left guessing, she’s left feeling helpless – which if you know Saithe means she was also incredibly frustrated, Little Miss Independent that she is! – and it just goes around in this vicious cycle. It’s even worse when you have to leave your sick, crying baby and go to work! All day Friday and Saturday while I was at work, it felt like I left a piece of me at home. I felt completely removed from the situation in the worst way, and praying she would soon feel better was about the only thing I could do until I got off work and could rush home to them.

My biggest saving grace was knowing that I left my Sweet Baby Saithe in the hands of her absolutely capable, completely loving and caring Dad. You really learn the strength of your partnership when something like this happens, and I can’t tell you how grateful I was that David was able to completely rearrange his schedule to stay home and care for her. My sick days all got used up as a part of my maternity leave, and it’s pretty hard for me to call out of work anyway (even more-so without the leave available) so David having a flexible schedule saved us completely.

Having a sick baby has really taught me a lesson about teamwork, about leaning on and fully trusting the man I chose to be my partner in life, and that it’s OK for him to pick up what I can’t. It revealed just how much unconditional love we have for our baby – there’s nothing like having a baby screaming ear-shattering screams right next to your face and holding her even closer just so she knows you love her and you want to fix it, even though your ears will be ringing for hours. It hurt my heart because all I wanted to do was take the pain away from her, but I couldn’t. In that way, it taught me a lesson about trusting God. Even though I know this was only a cold and things could be SO much worse, I still had to trust God that this, too, will pass and she will be our healthy and happy baby once again. All in all it was a pretty humbling weekend, I’m glad it seems to be over, but I’m glad for the experiences and the lessons, too.

Have you had a sick baby at home before? How did you deal? Did it teach you anything about parenthood?


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