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Working Mom Series: Two Weeks In

Y’all. Let’s be honest for a minute. It’s not often I say “y’all” quite as forcefully as I just did in my head. But this blog post just called for it, so I’ll say it again.


Being a working, breastfeeding, pumping, business-owning wife and momma is HARD. It’s HARD to get up everyday between 5 and 5:30 and feed the baby, making sure to feed her evenly so I don’t leak through my shirt 20 minutes after I get to work. It’s HARD to find time for pump breaks when you work at a bank that’s as consistently busy as mine is. It’s HARD to come home after a 10 hour work day, find time to snuggle the baby before she goes to bed, make sure she gets that last feed in at the right time, spend quality time with my husband, actually cook and eat a healthy dinner, AND get a blog post ready for the next day or edit images before it’s time for bed. It’s HARD for David to find time to get his reading and homework done since he started school again this fall. And don’t even remind me about the dishes in the sink or the laundry that’s piled up so high it won’t fit in the hamper anymore. Don’t tell me about the cat hair dust bunnies dancing in the corners of the living room, because all those things have to get done and be dealt with, too. Oh yeah, and sleep. Y’all. It. Is. HARD to be a working, breastfeeding, pumping, business-owning wife and momma.

But honestly, sometimes the hardest things are so hard because they are so important. It’s IMPORTANT for me to make sure my husband and baby feel loved. It’s IMPORTANT to me to have blog posts and get those images edited for my clients and continue to grow my photography business. And it’s IMPORTANT for David and I to both work. These are the things that matter. These are the battles worth fighting.

That’s why support systems are so vital. That’s why there’s the cliche that “it takes a village” to raise a child. I would even argue it takes a village to do most anything. My mom came down and stayed with us my first week back to work, and I can’t even tell you how helpful that was. She would do laundry while we were at work, cook dinner before we got home in the evenings, give Baby Saithe ALL the snuggles a Cita can give, and still had time to crochet a baby blanket for Saithe! (Guys, my mom is pretty amazing).

Since Baby Saithe doesn’t start daycare until November, and my mom is back home for the next week, David and I are balancing everything as well as we can – it definitely helps that I’ve got a lot of short work days coming up and he makes his own schedule for the most part! It looks a lot like him going to work while I’m off in the mornings, and then coming home right before I have to go to work to make the trade off. This whole experience of being a working mom is teaching me a lot though. It’s teaching me to accept help when it is offered, and to give myself and those around me grace when not everything gets done in the exact time frame I had in mind. It’s teaching me a lot about grace, if I’m being honest. Most importantly though, I think it’s teaching David and I both how to be a better team. We’ve always been a pretty good team, but now we are relying on each other (and our shared Google Calendar!) more than ever. We are trading off house chores, and picking up each other’s slack, not judging (and secretly kind of thanking) each other when one suggests going to bed or starts falling asleep on the couch at 9:15.

Y’all. Being an adult is hard. But there is no doubt in my mind this is what God has planned for our little family right now. And doing it with my best friend, and the person I’m positive God custom made for me, and getting to watch our baby girl grow makes it all worth while.  

Photos from Saithe’s newborn session, courtesy of Luke and Ashley Photography.


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